Air, land, and sea. Limitless and borderless



the advantages of sea transport with Thruex are many:


Transport by sea

Thruex sea transports navigate in waters rich in professionalism and safety as they are monitored in detail in each step, from the point of departure to the point of arrival. Nothing’s left to chance.

We have specialized for years in this means of transport, indeed, choosing one of our shipments by sea means relying on a capillary network of customs operators and foreign correspondents present in all the main Italian and international ports.

For this reason, we can guarantee tailormade and innovative solutions that allow a considerable saving of time and money, such as direct or consolidated groupage shipments.

Direct groupage services: weekly departures from our Vignate platform for all the main destinations in the MIDDLE and FAR EAST, CHINA, INDIA, BRAZIL, SOUTH AFRICA and AUSTRALIA.

Consolidated groupage services: weekly departures from our Vignate platform for all major destinations in the MEDITERRANEAN, AFRICA, UNITED STATES, CANADA, CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA (Atlantic and Pacific coast). All types of full containers (box, reefer, open-top, high cube, etc.), to any destination. Faster customs procedures, thanks to the internal customs of our Vignate office. Export-import documents assistance is provided.


Transport by air

Let your business fly with our air freight! Thruex can provide a complete service following each step of the transport phase with customized solutions. For all our shipments the landing site is unchanged: the best solution for our clients.

You won’t have to worry about anything, we take care of everything. We have been organizing air transport for many years and this reason we can provide you with a series of exclusive benefits:

– multi-week departures of our consolidated companies from/to all the main world origins/destinations

– complete and tailormade assistance during all embarkation, disembarkation and customs clearance procedures to and from all airports worldwide

– complete management of all the logistical phases of shipments, goods collection, palletization and delivery to our trusted carriers, entirely managed by our staff who work within our facilities

– simplified and speeded up procedures, thanks to the internal customs of our warehouses in Vignate. With Thruex you will always meet safe and fast air shipments. At the most competitive rates in the market.


Transport by land

The world of Thruex ground transportation travels quickly and safely. By rail or road.

Thanks to our distribution network branched out in the main strategic hubs of the world, we can organize an economic and reliable shipment in each step, guaranteeing you a precise and professional service.

The advantages for those who choose Thruex land shipment are many:

– possibility to ship any type of goods to all destinations

– we choose the best combination of vehicles for each country (iron and/or rubber)

– we prepare all the necessary transport documentation, you will not have to worry about anything

– we follow step by step all the phases of the transport procedure, from the packaging to the delivery